starting a commerical microgreen operation?

Growing microgreens on a commersial scale can look very diffrently. Either you have a greenhouse, warehouse, basement or even your appartment kitchen table. But what it comes down to in the end is three things!

  • Market size

  • Ambition

  • Time

If you don't have market for your product it dosen't matter how mush ambition and time you have you are not going to be able to sell anything. If you lack ambition or time you going to struggle to make it work. If you think you have these three things then we can move on! Down below i'll decribe how you can move on to the next step!

1. Method of microgreen production

Learning how to grow microgreens is the first step. Testing both methods of using soil and soilless is recommended to understand what pros and cons they both have. 

We at Nordamark recommend you to start with soil and trays to understand the basics. Especially if you only grow for yourself and or familiy. It's a cheap and easy way to start. 

If you really want to go soilless right away i recommend you to try our 54 cm growing kit.

2. Get Going!

When you feel you get the hang of the growing part, the next step is to bring samples to your local restaurants and talk to them and see if they are interested. This is a big step for many new growers but one of the MOST important steps.


The reason is to start to connect with your future customers and get feedback on your product. You are not there to sell anything at this stage only to see if they find it interesting. If you can find atleast 4-5 restaurants in your area which is interested then you know you have a market to sell to.

3. Scale

We suggest you to scale your production to handle slightly more then you have customers for. Example you have 3x resturants that you deliver once a week to. Make sure you have space to handle 4-5 restaurants. This way you can try new varities, grow extra if you get larger orders and or find new customers. 

This way you don't need to spend too mush on equipment right away. When you start to get revenue from your new resturants and you see that you still have a larger market then you can continue to invest and scale your production.

Questions regarding setting up a commerical operation?

We are at the moment working on a new PDF with more instructions and tips on how to set up a commerical microgreen operation. 

You are free to call or email us at Nordamark if you are interested to set up at commerical operation using our growing plattform. 

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