What is the nordamark growingplattform and how does it work?

Start Smal

No need to buy a large setup right away, start with a simple setup on your kitchen table, expand when you need!


Grow in a greenhouse or  indoors.


Grow on a singel or multiple levels.

Use the sun or get some grow lights for a year round production.

Working more efficient

Growing microgreens in a commercial operation is labour intensive. 


By using the system you will save a lot of working hours and work more efficient using our processes that is continually improved.



Save a lot of time and money by growing directly in the growing channels and then deliver the growing channels directly to the restaurants.

When the restaurants have used the channels you take them back in the next delivery. 

No need for  harvesting or containers. Saving you money and time but at the same time providing value to your customers!

Future Proof


We are uppgrading and improving the system all the time. This is what we will se later on:

  • Grow other crops then microgreens with just a few modifications.

  • Uppgrade your tools in different tiers. ex simple seeder and later on autmatic seeders. 

  • Resturant growing cabinets for subscription based revenue.

And mush more!

More info is going to be added here!

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